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Fraze wrote:
"Echo Charlie" frequency bands

Not many North American radio hobbyists are aware of the "Echo
Charlie" bands. They are CB type "freebands" in different parts
of the HF spectrum. There hasn’t been much activity here in North
America up to 2006 (but that is changing!). There has been, for some
time, activity in Europe. Check the following frequency ranges:

85 meter band: 3.450 - 3.495 MHz LSB. This Echo Charlie band’s
calling channel is 3.475 LSB. The band is about 25 kHz either side of
the call frequency, with occasional traffic from the UK, Germany, and
Holland appearing. There’s heavy QRM at times from utility
(commercial/military) traffic. Avoid interference with what you may
hear, and never, ever attempt communication with any "official"
traffic! TAKE CARE!

*45 meter band: 6.600 - 6.700 MHz LSB. This is an Echo Charlie range
of frequencies with the calling frequency of 6.670 LSB. It’s a good
band for European traffic. There are often lots of stations from the
UK, Germany, France, the Netherlands, and Belgium. Some stations are
running power as low as 2 to 5 watts, with other stations reportedly
running up to 1,000 watts. Again, there are utility stations in this
area (like long range air traffic control!). NEVER GO TO USB! This is
very important!*

22 meter band: This band has also been experimented with. Channels
such as 12.105, 12.130, 12.160, and up to 12.256 MHz have been used,
with any clear spots in between. (The originator of this information
did not indicate mode, but one would think it is USB.)

21 meter band: This band runs from 13.630 - 13.995 MHz, and modes are
AM/USB. It has transcontinental traffic and is only used occasionally.
13.360 - 13.960 MHz is the main hobby pirate broadcasting range.
There is also an international CB band where the calling frequency is
13.995 MHz. (In the U.S.A., 13.995 is NOT recommended for CB type
communication due to military and MARS traffic! Instead, U.S. stations
are encouraged to use 13.555 MHz USB, which is a Part 15 allocation.)
Refer to FCC rules and regulations as to what constitutes Part 15

Non-government frequencies in the U.S.A.

Few U.S. radio hobbyists are also aware of the following frequency
ranges that are listed as "non-government exclusive" by the FCC.
(The Citizen’s Band, and most Ham bands are examples of
non-government exclusive allocations.) These are generally considered
"safe" areas around 12, 11, and 10 meters for Freebanding.
1) 25.010 - 25.070 MHz -- use CB antenna & tuner
2) 25.210 - 25.330 MHz -- use CB antenna & tuner
3) 26.175 - 26.480 MHz
4) 26.950 - 26.960 MHz
5) 27.410 - 27.540 MHz
6) 29.700 - 29.890 MHz
7) 29.910 - 30.000 MHz

-- (Also, a number of freeband stations have been known to use HF
marine frequencies.) --

*In Europe this has been a ’pirate’ band for many years, referred to by
users as ’45 metres’. Users seem to be radio enthusiasts , often ex
SSB operators who use this as an alternative band. This ’band’ appears
extend from around 6600 Khz to 6700. There is a ’calling frequecy ’ on
6670Khz where you will often hear stations calling ’CQ45’. Similar nets
seem to take place just below 3500Khz.

Additionally, it has been reported that 18.030 MHz LSB has been in use.

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